Best Vacuum Cleaner for the Farm

There are vacuum cleaners for the home, office, and industrial factory, but there are also ones designed specifically to help clean a farm. The Big Brute vacuum cleaner has been designed specifically for the needs of a farm, from cleaning grain stores, to surfaces, and inside farm buildings. It also has a large storage capacity, allowing the farmer to do more work before emptying.

The Big Brute was originally designed for farm usage back in 1982, and they continue to be the farmer’s best vacuum cleaner choice for cleaning around the farm today.

The Big Brute is designed with a heavy metal material in green and black. It has a long grey flexible tubing that has been built for the farm, and will resist breakage and cracking. This long hose or tubing will also reach into many spots, being much longer than your standard household vacuum cleaner. This extremely long hose will allow you to clean up in the rafters of a barn, or down into the pits. The long hose also allows you to do more cleaning without having to drag the vacuum cleaner everywhere you go.

big-brute-vacuumThe Big Brute has also been designed for maximum power, which is needed on the farm. It will never lose suction, even with its extremely long hose and extra large capacity tank.

When Big Brute did their research on designing the best vacuum cleaner for the farm they discovered that the top requirement was that they be built tough. And so, that’s what Big Brute did—design and manufacture the toughest vacuum cleaner for the tough needs of the farm worker. Most of the standard features built into the Big Brute have come from listening to farm workers’ ideas and requirements. It can be likened to the Big Brute being designed by a farmer, for a farmer.

The Big Brute has been designed to be tough. It can withstand the knocks and bumps that it will get around the farm, without easily breaking. It is made from an all-steel drum that is strong. Even the front floor brush is made from metal so it won’t break even when cleaning tough surfaces. It is sturdy and strong and the Big Brute won’t break or snap as it’s pushed around to do chores on the farm.

The Big Brute has been designed with large wheels on a trolley-like base. This makes it easy to push the vacuum cleaner around the field or barn, without the need to have to pick up the heavy vacuum cleaner and carry it with you. These wheels are large and sturdy, and made to last. They work perfectly on uneven surfaces such as the yard, or uneven concrete surfaces. Even other vacuum cleaners that have been designed for the farm have smaller wheels that can cause the vacuum to easily be pushed over. You’ll find that the Big Brute does not have this issue with its large wheels. This also maximizes the safety of farm workers.

The Big Brute comes with many accessories. There is the Big Brute Suck and Blow powerful engine, and the Big Brute 1-tonne bulk bin which holds a lot of debris. These have been also designed from listening to farmers’ suggestions and will save the farm worker a lot of time.

The Big Brute brand has been designed, built, and distributed by a company in the UK, located near Cambridge. They don’t believe in importing vacuum cleaners or parts from China, Italy, or anywhere else in the world. This ensures the quality of the vacuum cleaner.

All customers of the Big Brute brand are assured that it’s made from the factory just outside Cambridge, and they are shipped directly to the customers. The Big Brute vacuum cleaners are shipped to all locations in the UK, Australia, and to many other locations around the world today.

If you own or operate a farm and have discovered that regular vacuum cleaners don’t do the job of cleaning your space, consider purchasing a Big Brute vacuum cleaner from the UK. It’ll make short work of any farm cleaning job so you can focus more of your time on production and profits, and less on maintenance.