Grow Your Own Food

Everyone can benefit from a diet high in fruits and vegetables, but we seem to forget that with every grocery store visit. Packaged foods may make our life easier, but they also increase our health risks. Our grandparents and great grandparents knew the importance of fresh food, right from the garden. Fortunately, it’s simple enough to start your own garden, and grow your own food.

growing_plantsBesides the health benefits, there are many others to growing your own food. While the initial costs may seem pricy—soil, seeds, planters, fertilizer, water cans, etc.—over time costs decrease. Seed packs are inexpensive, and food can soon be relatively free. Many vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers are extremely easy to maintain, once you have your soil prepared, and your plot or planters set up. These vegetables grow on their own, and are relatively idiot-proof. You have the ability to control what you eat, and where it comes from. GMO foods are a big concern in North America and Europe. One side says the long-term effects on our bodies are unknown, while the other says that corn merged with a spider is perfectly safe to eat, and will last up to a year in storage. Besides the ick factor, vegetables with built-in preservatives don’t sound like a good idea, particularly when we’re already told to steer clear of packaged foods.


When you grow your own garden, you can decide which type of soil to buy, and whether you want to buy hybrid seeds, heirloom, or organic. Most people will want to steer clear of GMO. You can also control what types of pesticides and insecticides you use in your garden, opting for safer, natural alternatives. It’s healthy to grow your own vegetables. Besides avoiding GMOs, and toxic pesticides, you’ll be putting fresh food on your dinner table every night. Having to check on the garden once a day gets you outdoors, where you can benefit from the Vitamin D in the sun’s rays, and keep active, and get fresh air. Your garden is a daily reminder for you to put veggies in your lunch and in dinner.  You can start experimenting with different types of recipes, so you don’t get tired of eating tomatoes every night. This variety will give your body a variety of different nutrients, than if you didn’t have your veggie garden, and only ate pizza every night. Gardening is also fun, and is an effective way to make your yard look attractive. You may wish to check zoning bylaws, and see if you can turn your front yard into a garden too. For those who live in apartments, planters are a great way to grow your own garden in small spaces. Many varieties of vegetables happily grow in containers too. Another option for people with limited space is to join a community garden. Gardening is a fun way to make something productive for your dinner table. You’ll better be able to appreciate the meals you cook, when you incorporate your hard work into a delicious meal each day.